Women and Wine


In addition to be being passionate about supporting the upliftment of women in business and finding the right FIT between candidate and client, we are also passionate about WINE.  We love it, we eat with it, we laugh with it, we make friends with it and we sometimes even cry with it.  Don’t get me wrong, we are certainly not wine makers or wine masters by any stretch of the imagination but what better way to make friends than to sit down at a dinner party and discuss what new estate, vintage, variety or even wine maker that you have discovered.  So if you have discovered a delicious wine lately which you have shared with friends or a loved one, we would like to hear about it.  We will also share with you on a regular basis what we have been up to with regards to wine and from time to time invite an expert or five to give us some great tips on what’s hot !!  Until next time…..happy sipping !!

January 2013 – Welcome to what we believe is going to be a suberb year.  Our next colourful sketch depicts how we probably all felt over the festive season….’gay and sprightly’ – enjoy !!

Wine 2 - Gay and sprightly

*  What better way to enjoy a perfect sunset than with a lovely glass of bubbly – cheers !!

September 2012  This installment of our ‘women and wine’ section has to do with the Cape Wine Academy and Nedbank.  In brief, once a year the most of the members of CWG (all winemakers) make either one or two top class wines to be auctioned.  Events hosted are dinners, tastings and silent auctions – all to raise money for protege’s from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to become winemakers, and of the six 2012 protege’s, 4 are women.  They receive guidance from some of the best of the country’s winemakers who impart their skill and expertise.  Also established in association with Nedbank is a development trust which provides social development for school children in the wineland areas.  On auction at each of the dinners were 6 bottles of wine made by none other than the various protege’s.  If you ask me this is the perfect FIT !!